First Outing in Caravan -Checklist (Departure)

Exciting and Stressful all at the same time which is how I would explain our first trip out in our Caravan. Firstly it was completely all new to me, I did not have any experience of caravaning – some might say that might even be a good thing.

What I decided to do in advance was compile some sort of checklist on the steps which I needed to follow from when we set out to when we arrived on site and got the caravan all set up and ready to use – the reality of it was a number of the items which should of been on my list where not so I have updated the list since and outlined below which hopefully will be of help to people just starting out.

Pre Journey Checklist

On our first outling this took the most time as I was still relatively new to the whole process of what actually needs to be done – I have noticed on our second trip out this was much quicker probably because I have Charlie to help me with this process. Here is our checklist for this;

  • Remove all security locks
  • Check internal items are all secure
  • Gas – check this is set to closed at cylinder
  • Fridge – Set to 12V mode ( so it’s cooling as you drive)
  • Corner Steadies (Ensure these are all raised)
  • Nose weight (Check this before you set up to ensure you don’t have took much weight in front locker
  • Hitch Caravan/connect tow electrics & breakaway cable (I broke the breakaway cable the first time I unhitched our caravan after collection and had to replace this so remember to check this
  • Jockey wheel – I’ll be honest this took me a while to get the hang of how to use correctly (Wind down to apply load to hitch) may take a couple of attempts the first time to get it right once you know how this works it will save you busting your back.
  • Road lights – Check working (Very important) I always get Charlie to stand at the back of the Caravan while we run across. all lights to ensure they are working before we set off
  • Mirrors – Fit – These have been a lifesaver and I rely on them so much don’t set off without fitting your towing mirrors.

The above list is very important if you can try and follow it as best you can it will save you a lot of time and stress (as I find out more things I will most likely add and update the list.