An essential item to have in your Caravan

Outside of the obvious bedding, food, cups etc. there is some stuff that one can overlook especially on the first few trips out in the Caravan. Perhaps something which we missed was a good cup of tea and as we did not have a kettle this became a bit of a problem.

The first 2 trips out we managed I had read an article about a Zebra Pot which Charlie had purchased for the Caravan which came in very handy when boiling up water – the problem with this was that although it worked it was a bit of a hassle as opposed to just switching on the kettle & making a cuppa. Plus required me to fire up the gas each and every time I wanted to make a cuppa.

Unknown to me there are low voltage kettles available which work much better within the caravan & reduce the likelihood of tripping out electric or when you end up on a site where electricity itself might be an issue or indeed the voltage.

A quick search on Amazon turned up just what we needed the Swiss Luxx 1 Litre Stainless Steel 650W Low Wattage Cordless Kettle

Although a little slower on the boil than the kettle at home you get enough out of it for 2 large cups of tea and as it’s low wattage it should work alongside our solar power systems should we decide to try some off grid camping in the future